A few Disclaimers and Policies

1. Although massage can greatly impact and benefit your health and well being, massage should never be undertaken as a replacement for qualified medical care.  A massage practitioner is not a doctor and can not diagnose or prescribe treatment for any particular medical or physical condition.  However, a qualified massage practitioner can work under the direction of a medical doctor to positively affect many medical or physical conditions.

2. Any person receiving massage services is responsible for their own safety and well being. Any person receiving massage services of any modality must fully disclose any medical or physical condition that could be adversely affected by massage.  Further, any person receiving massage services should immediately inform the massage practitioner of any painful or uncomfortable massage techniques.  Professional massage practitioners always only want their services to be effective, enjoyable and safe.

3.  Any person making an appointment for a massage service is responsible for keeping and paying for that appointment.  Appointments can be canceled with at least two hours notice by calling or texting a message to my cell phone.

4.  Payment in full is due at the conclusion of the appointment by local check or cash. (reasonable gratuities are accepted but not required.) 

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